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Thanks for stopping by! We're Andrew Keller and Meg McLeod, a.k.a. the Mellers, two people who fell in love while working in TV news before deciding to make the crazy jump into buying a fixer upper in the summer of 2015. What better way to test your relationship than renovate a house... when neither of you have any prior experience? I don't blame those who thought we were nuts.

We found our little slice of Midwest heaven in Frankenmuth, Michigan. She's (yes, our home is a she) a sky blue ranch tucked in a quaint neighborhood that backs up to a farm field. When we found her, she was sweet and unassuming with good bones and bad 70's decor. Andrew quickly named her Mary Kay. 

This blog is a testament to transforming Mary Kay back into something beautiful and learning something new about each other and life in general with each and every nail. We're glad to have you along for the ride!

 Celebration after hanging a chandelier at the Meller home.

Celebration after hanging a chandelier at the Meller home.

What you'll find on our blog

Realness. We're not professionals and, like many, we don't have endless amounts of extra cash to spruce up our home. If we can do it ourselves, we do. If we can get it second-hand, we do. If we can put a little elbow grease in to make something magical for less money, we do. 

Renovating our home is a journey and that includes taking our time, and saving up, to slowly transform each space. You won't find perfectly decorated spaces in each post, but we hope you do find useful tips to try out in your own home that won't break the bank. 

Thanks to our roots as reporters, we love getting the word out and telling a story. In this case, it's centered around thrifty projects and the transformation of Mary Kay.

We hope you enjoy these snippets of our journey as much as we do! 

The Mellers