Light & Bright on a Tight Budget

Light & Bright on a Tight Budget

Our blissful little sunroom is finally (pretty much) finished. From the plywood floors to the upcycled ceiling fan to the steal of a deal on the once dusty and dirty chairs ($5 each!)- I can't decide what I love most!

As always, Andrew did a mighty fine job of helping make this a reality with lots of laughs and coffee breaks along the way (there may have been a few not-so-nice words for the ceiling fan when he reinstalled it, too).

Read on below to find out how we did it. 


We removed the wallpaper and ripped out the carpet within the first few weeks of moving in. It sat that way for about a year and functioned as our workshop as we fixed up the rest of the house. When we eventually got around to redoing the sunroom, we decided to go for something light and bright on a budget.

We installed DIY whitewashed plywood floors, patched the drywall, painted the walls, trim and door white, upcycled the dark and dated ceiling fan, picked up some thrifty finds and added some personal touches to top it off.


The walls were painted pure white in an eggshell finish (my mind is escaping me on the brand) and the trim and door were painted with our go-to white semi-gloss trim paint from True Value's EasyCare line.

The cream couch is from Eastside Used Furniture, a thrift shop here in mid-Michigan. We scored this barely, if-ever used couch for about $300 (with tax). 

The blue wingback chairs are from Craigslist. We picked them up for $5 each. They did NOT look like they do now (pretty sure Andrew thought I was NUTS). Luckily, Andrew's mom let us borrow her upholstery cleaner. After about five or six cleanings, the dirt, grime and pet hair was finally removed. 

The rug and apple crates are from Home Depot. We're hoping to eventually do something to the apple crates, just trying to figure out exactly what that is.

The pillow covers and "you are my sunshine" pillow are all from Etsy. Please keep in mind, these pillows and pillow covers are more for show, so I haven't done a nap test on them. However, our guests have cozied up to them several times!

Links to pillow covers: navy velvet lumbar cover, blue with white arabesque pattern cover, ivory with light blue pattern cover and white with geometric blue pattern cover. Tip: read the Etsy shop's advice for insert sizing. As we found out, four covers were true-to-size and two needed bigger inserts. 

Links to pillow inserts: one 12" x 24", four 18" x 18" and two 20" x 20" 

The little brass deer in the back are from one of my favorite places to find thrifty accessories, Collette's Vintage, here in mid-Michigan. I can't remember the exact price, but I know they were a bargain!

The candle is Spring Rain by Tuscany Candle (found at Kroger and I'm sure many other places).

The things money can't buy: the vintage lamps are hand-me-downs from my lovely grandmother, the McLeod crest blanket is a gift from my parents, the lantern was a gift from a dear friend of ours and the watercolor "welcome" painting is from our cute-as-heck neighborhood kiddos.

what's next:

We're keeping our eyes peeled for inspiration for the apple crates, something we can upcycle into an end table/checker board and a little bar cart for one of the corners. 


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