#ByeByeBrass: Out with the old, restoring the new

#ByeByeBrass: Out with the old, restoring the new

#ByeByeBrass: Our Craigslist chandelier is finally up! Some Howard's Restor-A-Finish, a water and vinegar rub-down, black spray paint for the ceiling canopy, a little wood glue and a longer nipple (yes... that's really what it's called) and this vintage Halco chandelier is back to its original beauty!

Thanks to Andrew for using his height and knowledge to help hang this thing!

The how-to is below!


  1. Find a new chandelier.
    • We found ours on Craigslist for $50 from the lovely Tim and Kathy who are renovating a beautiful farmhouse. The Halco chandelier had been there for decades.
  2. Clean it up!
    • We took the loose bottom wood part off, laid a bath towel underneath the very dusty chandelier, filled a spray bottle with vinegar and water, grabbed an old towel and wiped away the dirt. 
  3. Shine it up!
    • After making sure the wood portion was clean and dry, I put on some gloves, grabbed a clean t-shirt rag and rubbed on some Howard's Restor-A-Finish to the wood portion. 
    • Side note: You can find bags of t-shirt rags at your local home improvement store or just use old, cut up t-shirts.
  4. Paint it up!
    • As the Restor-A-Finish dried, we spray-painted the ceiling canopy matte black to match the wrought iron. 
  5. Hang it up!
    • We thought this would be a quick install. Quick? Renovation? Ha! We should have known!
    • We removed the old brassy chandelier and, after several attempts to hang it, with me standing on the table and Drew on a ladder- both us wiping the sweat off our brows, we discovered the nipple for the old chandelier wasn't long enough, so the chandelier wouldn't catch.
    • After a trip to the hardware store and perusing these directions again, we finally had our beautiful chandelier hanging!
  6. Glue it up! 
    • The chandelier we purchased had three wood pieces. Two of them, likely due to their age, didn't fit too securely, so we put a little wood glue on each piece and used some painter's tape to hold them in place. The next day, we removed the painter's tape and voila!
  7. *Do a happy dance*

Fun fact: Almost everything in our dining room now is from Craigslist or a second-hand retail shop- only excludes the runner from Hobby Lobby, candles/candle holders from Dollar Tree and our "temporary" (can you still call them temporary after a year and a half?) window sheers from Big Lots.

NEXT UP: adding some flare to our dining room!... well, maybe after we finish the guest bathroom reno :)


Restore an old chandelier. Breathe new life into a vintage find with some easy steps. #MellerHome


Light & Bright on a Tight Budget

Light & Bright on a Tight Budget